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Jaclyn "Mrs. Patchman" Brockman

Many past drivers may not remember Mrs. Brockman's name but they will remember "The Patch Man" car sponsor.  Mrs. Brockman, along with her husband Donald Brockman, and been a car sponsor for the "The Patch Man" car for about the last 30 years.

Donald & Jaclyn Brockman are Lifetime Donors to the derby so we will continue to see the "The Patch Man" car racing in the debry for years to come.


Watching "The Patch Man" car race

Stanton Smith


Commission Member 1970-2013

Chairman 1993-1994

Vice-Chairman 1983-1984

Treasurer 1981-1982

Secretary 1971-1974

Track Backer 1968

Class S Champion Sponsor 1986

Sponsor 1985, 1987-1988, 1992, 1994, 2006-2013

In Memoriam 2009

The New Berlin Soap Box Derby Commission wished to recognize two very good, long-time friends who passed away in the last year.

Al and Harry were both dedicated NASCAR fans and loved watching the kids having fun racing down our hill.

These fine gentlemen were very instrumental in the growth and development of the Derby as we find it today.

Thank you AL and HARRY for your service to the community. We miss you both very much.

Harry Swanson

Harry Swanson

HARRY SWANSON, who was very dedicated to the Derby event, handling many duties for over 16 years, and who was our Commission Chairman at the time of his death.

Al Stigler

AL STIGLER, who donated funds to the Derby over the years for equipment (“Al’s Pit Stop” canopy) and to our general fund, and for many years was our “chief tripper” at the starting ramps.

Al Stigler