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2020 Class Sponsors

Sorce Services
Class A - Sorce Services LLC
Class A - Sorce Services LLC

Zacher Truck Services
Class B - Zacher Truck Service
Class B - Zacher Truck Service

Class C - Available
Class C - Available

The Richardson School
Special Race - The Richardson School
Special Race - The Richardson School

What Happens at Car Inspections?

The scheduled (mandatory) car inspections are where the drivers and their crews complete the registration process and have their cars inspected before race day. There are 4 STATIONS to go through. This is the process:

If you are bringing your own car (or one borrowed from someone besides the commission) you may skip station 1 and go directly to station 2.

STATION 1 (Loaner Cars) if you need to select a commission-supplied loaner car OR if you are returning with a commission-supplied loaner car borrowed last year or any prior year:

  • Select a loaner car (first-come, first-pick; only a limited number are available) or keep the car you have
  • Fill out and sign a receipt
  • Commission-supplied loaner cars need to be inspected and may need work in order to pass
  • Proceed to station 2

STATION 2 (Paperwork)

  • Complete the driver registration form & waiver form (if not pre-registered)
  • Pay the registration fee (if not already paid)
  • Randomly draw for a car sponsor
  • Select a car number (if not carried over from last year)
  • Age class will be assigned
  • You’ll be advised of the time to report on race day
  • Final instructions will be given & ways to thank your car sponsor
  • Select driver’s t-shirt size (your t-shirts will be handed out on race day)
  • Crews may order additional t-shirts (there will be a charge)
  • Proceed to station 3

STATION 3 (Car inspection)

  • Car is inspected for compliance with the “OFFICIAL RACECAR SPECIFICATIONS”
  • Assistance will be given as needed
  • Inspector will advise if minor work on the car is needed or if re-inspection is needed
  • After the car passes inspection (or passes on an interim basis), then (and ONLY then)
  • Proceed to station 4

STATION 4 (Wheels & brackets)

  • Wheels and axle brackets may be selected
  • Bring your own bucket or box for carrying wheels & brackets home

As noted in PART II of the “OFFICIAL RACECAR SPECIFICATIONS,” if the car passes (or passes on an interim basis), you only need to come to ONE car inspection. If the car doesn’t pass, you will need come back for re-inspection a 2nd time (or maybe a 3rd time) until it passes. That’s one of the reasons why we schedule three inspection dates. So, a word of advice: If you are building a new car and are unsure about it passing and/or meeting specification, we strongly suggest bringing it to the 1st inspection. That way, if there’s more work to be done on the car, there’s time to do it before the 2nd or 3rd inspection. The cars will also receive one final inspection on race day before being allowed to compete.

As always, if you have any questions at all about the New Berlin Soap Box Derby (general or specific), please contact a member through the website or by phone.